MakeNL is an open-sourced version of MakeNL, the Fidonet/FTN nodelist processing program. It is used to process Fidonet/FTN nodelists for submission to coordinators and/or for creation of nodelist files for distribution. It is a near drop-in replacement for an existing installation of MakeNL.

MakeNL was originally written by Ben Baker. This current incarnation is dedicated to his memory. This version of MakeNL is the work of some talented and dedicated people who loaned their time and skills to the effort.

The current version of MakeNL is v3.4.1, while the last version was v3.4.0. They are both available for 16 and 32 bit DOS, Win32, 16 and 32 bit OS/2, statically linked for Linux, and as source code. For bleeding edge people, anonymous CVS is available, and you can also browse the CVS with your browser at: